Medicated Ointment Watkins
  • Medicated Ointment Watkins

Medicated Ointment Watkins

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For more than eighty years, this versatile product has been making people feel better. It helps relieve that stuffed-up,congested feeling of a chest cold, and suppress the accompanying cough. As a rub, it provides relief from aching muscles, as well as windburn, sunburn, and minor burns and scalds

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A combination of menthol and camphor, skillfully
compounded in a petrolatum base for convenient,
effective use. Provides temporary relief from
muscular soreness.
• Time-tested: Since 1915!
• Versatile: Provides relief from bruises, sprains,
and sore muscles.
• Non-staining petrolatum base: Keeps skin from
drying out; won’t stain clothes.
• Low-level anesthetic action: Depresses pain
perception, suppresses coughs.
• Economical: A little goes a long way.
• Pleasant, penetrating aroma: Provides a feeling
of comfort.
Active Ingredients
• Menthol: An alcohol extracted from cornmint
oil. When applied to the skin, menthol produces
an intense and lasting cooling sensation that
counteracts pain and is also used as an antipruritic. It both stimulates the nerves for perception
of cold and depresses those which transmit pain.
• Camphor: Occurs in nature in the camphor tree,
an Asian evergreen related to cinnamon. When
applied to the skin, camphor produces a mild
local anesthetic action (depresses some nerve
endings and stimulates others). It also acts as an
antipruritic, which means it relieves itching.


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