White Cream Liniment Watkins
  • White Cream Liniment Watkins
  • White Cream Liniment Watkins

White Cream Liniment Watkins

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Nature's relief for aches and pains.This effective pain relief formula uses natural evergreen-based counterirritants to provide temporary relief from rheumatic pains and aches, as well as muscle strains, aches and soreness caused by exertion.

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In our shatter-resistant Trial Mark™ bottle.

For external use only

Rub away the pain! For relief without burning,
simply rub on and feel the pain go away. A deeppenetrating formula that relieves minor aches.
• Time-tested: Since 1915!
• Cream lotion: Won’t dry the skin; leaves it
feeling soft and smooth; rub into skin to
stimulate circulation.
• Deep penetrating formula: Reduces muscular discomfort due to overexertion, fatigue and
strains; provides temporary relief for minor aches
and pains associated with simple backache,
arthritis, strains, bruises, sprains, and stiffness;
won’t leave a greasy film on skin.
Active Ingredients
• Turpentine (9%): Extracted from pine trees, this
counterirritant has been used as a folk remedy
for centuries. Please note that the material used
in medicinal products is rectified; that is, it is of
much higher quality than the commercial product. It is a highly effective counterirritant and is
perfectly safe.
• Camphor (3%): Occurs in nature in the camphor
tree, an Asian evergreen related to cinnamon.
When applied to the skin, camphor produces
a mild local anesthetic action (depresses some
nerve endings and stimulates others). It also acts
as an antipruritic, which means it relieves itching.
Individual results may vary.
“My husband had poison ivy really bad; my
downline Associate suggested using White Cream
Liniment. My husband gave it a try and it worked!
It got rid of the itching and helped dry it up. This is
a staple product in my medicine cabinet.”
— Jennifer Ess,
Independent Watkins Associate, Iowa
“At a fair, a woman was walking past my booth
in great pain. I told her to put the White Cream
Liniment on her legs to see if it would help. She
was in so much pain that I had to help her put it
on. She was so excited that the pain was gone, that
she bought nine bottles and her friend bought four
on the spot.”
— Kathryn Knopf,
Independent Watkins Associate, Michigan

“The best product I find that Watkins has is the
White Cream Liniment. When I use this product
on my knees and joints, my aches and pains are no
longer there.”
— Valerie Bryant,
Independent Watkins Associate, Ontario
“When I feel everyday emotional pressures (stressed
out), White Cream Liniment comes to my aid. I put
it on wherever I am sore before sleeping and I am
not sore or stiff in the morning.”
— Patty Bass,
Independent Watkins Associate, Tennessee


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